Open Theremin V3 Build: Calibration sounds: yes - other sounds: no

Posted: 5/16/2021 10:38:48 AM

From: Colmar, France

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Which leads me to re-iterate that, taking all the working time for debugging into account, and especially if you haven’t a well equipped electronics lab at home, it is much cheaper to order a readily built and tested open.theremin shield.

Having access to an oscilloscope is essential for debugging such mixed signal circuits.

Posted: 5/16/2021 2:10:45 PM

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Thank you both - very helpful.  I do not have an oscilloscope but have a friend who has one.   I will arrange to borrow it and see what I can see.

I certainly could purchase a theremin as it is within my means to do so, but I like building things and learning about circuits as I go along.   Heck, this might even be a good reason to pick up an oscilloscope of my own (something that has been on the list for a while).  Let me tinker a bit and I will report back when I get it figured out.


Posted: 5/16/2021 4:48:10 PM

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I was directed to the problem by Urs and the problem, not surprisingly, was ME!   The kit I got was missing the little lock washers so the antennae tended to come loose and swing around.   I had also (improperly according to the directions) installed them on top of the shield.   Being a moron, I figured that I would just drop a blob of solder to try to keep them from moving about.   Urs spotted this in an image I sent him and inquired about the blob.   I got my solder wick out and removed it and it now works.

I am super appreciative of your help with this matter - thanks!   Now I just need to learn how to do some basics and then figure out how to keep my dogs from going nuts when I play it.


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