Even tiny spiders want to play the theremin

Posted: 6/3/2021 7:58:38 PM

From: Occitanie

Joined: 3/4/2012

Far from all the technical conversations that are usually going on here...
Yesterday evening a small spider came to keep me company when I was playing:


And this morning, I discovered its web between the antennas:


Well, let it play its own music...

Edit: I tried to insert some photo (nothing scary, don't worry) but it didn't work.

Posted: 6/4/2021 1:42:08 PM

From: Occitanie

Joined: 3/4/2012

The spider probably thought that it was not a good spot.
It un-span its web and went away.

Nature is great to watch...

Anyway, I lost its company but I am happy to recover my instrument.

Posted: 6/4/2021 4:03:10 PM

From: Northern NJ, USA

Joined: 2/17/2012

Very sweet photo Mr_Dham!  But people might think you never play with all the cobwebs and stuff on your antennas! ;-)

Posted: 6/4/2021 5:19:09 PM

From: Occitanie

Joined: 3/4/2012

Yes, I thought to myself "are you really publishing a photo of your theremin with cobwebs". 
ok, I'm beyond that...

Anyway it is clean now... And I checked, it's not somebody's work.

I can play again and it was an opportunity to learn that spiders could eat their web and make a new one later...

Edit: the spider is still there hiden inside the 6 mm aluminium pipe.

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