theremaniacs problem

Posted: 6/25/2021 9:14:48 PM

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I received a theremin today without any instructions, and not knowing not to touch anything with a metal screw driver, and now the things dead.
im in the uk if anyone knows someone there who could fix it?


Posted: 6/27/2021 4:58:52 AM

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"a theremin"

which one?

"not to touch anything with a metal screwdriver"


"now the things dead"

did you stab it with the screwdriver?

Not sure I'm following your story...I use metal screwdrivers on many of my theremins...for screwing or unscrewing screws.
We can't help without details. 

Posted: 6/27/2021 11:53:57 AM

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"a theremin"which one?"not to touch anything with a metal screwdriver"huh?"now the things dead"did you stab it with the screwdriver?Not sure I'm following your story...I use metal screwdrivers on many of my theremins...for screwing or unscrewing screws.We can't help without details.

yeah sorry about the lack of description . its by theremaniacs. there was a constant noise coming from it when I plugged it into my guitar amp,i was fiddling around inside trying to get rid of the noise. I located what I thought was internal trim pots, and I think I have damaged one, after which there is no sound at all now, unless I turn my amp up full but still very faint noise.i carat seem to upload pics though!

Posted: 6/27/2021 11:57:48 AM

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this is what I thought were trim pots....
I was told by the manufacturer not to use metal screw drivers. only plastic. 

Posted: 6/27/2021 12:01:27 PM

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like I said, it was working ok apart from the constant low frequency noise that wouldn't stop

I was under the impression they didn't make a noise until you were close to the antenna?

I screwed the trimpot, and it did make a difference to sound but the constant noise wouldn't stop. then I unplugged it and tried again later but there was no noises at all after that.

Posted: 6/27/2021 3:15:10 PM

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all good now!  phew!  thought ice damaged it. but kept turning the trimpot and everything works now!

Posted: 7/16/2021 6:31:45 AM

From: USA

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This was a unit received second hand on eBay and the prior owner did not include the info sheet or tuning tool. We offered to fix it free and supply all missing parts. Glad it turned out well with no cost to the new owner.

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