Moog Theremini - is there a 'linear' setting for equally spaced octaves?

Posted: 1/17/2022 6:38:01 AM

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I've learned the 8 hand positions from Carolina Eyck's YT channel, but I when I try to 'shift' as she does to another octave, it doesn't work. I know that the pitches are closer together as you move toward the pitch antenna, and after watching her videos I saw an explanation somewhere that some theremins have a 'linear' setting that will allow for using the same hand positions in different octaves.
Is there a way to do that on the Theremini, or do I need to figure out different hand positions for different octaves?
Thanks for any help!

Posted: 1/17/2022 7:09:45 AM

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There are 2 modes for the theremini: standard and theremin mode. Theremin mode allows you to control the field depth like you would on a standard theremin. You have to have the latest firmware update installed to use it tho. It might be worth a try.

Details on this are in the theremini v1.1 adendum PDF file which comes with the firmware update

Also have a look at Kip Rosser's video on calibrating the theremini

Posted: 1/17/2022 12:47:56 PM

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The Theremini has a small physical range. I set the scale to be quite small, say, c3 - e6, so small movements could cover a larger note range.

As @gingercat says, there is the traditional (theremin) mode which lets you fine-tune the range somewhat. (Many users pick this mode.) However, the Theremini is not very linear. This should not prevent you from getting started - you can play many tunes over two or three octaves. 

Eyck’s method is suitable if you can use the 8 positions comfortably and persistently, without damaging your hands. You need to find your own positions. The key is to be able to tune the Theremini consistently from day to day (if necessary). There are different styles. I don’t believe there is a definitive standard way of playing. Olesya Rostovska e.g. does not turn her palm much (c.f. her lesson 5 - in her video series with subtitles). 

There is a FB group Theremini People where you will find useful resources.

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