Best theremin for a beginner

Posted: 11/14/2022 8:56:22 AM

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I belong to the Moog forum. I learned abut this forum from the moog forum. I have a moog voyager and a sequential pro3. My background is in jazz I’m a jazz piano player who uses synths. I’m not a synthist I don’t consider myself one.  I was interested in using my moog voyager with a theremin.
Read about the theremini. It has one cv out I believe. The higher end moog theremins have two cv outs I believe and I think that claravox even has midi. The only synth I have that has midiusb is the sequential pro3. It has 5 pin midi as well. I was just wondering if anyone used a theremin with a synth. I realize  your synth has to have cv for this to work. I really just want to use a theremin at first with a synth. To actually play the theremin well would be very challenging and time consuming although would be worth the effort. Just wondering what might be suggested for your first theremin.  I know a little about
It although haven’t purchased one and wanted others opinion thanks in advance appreciate any of your advice.

Posted: 11/15/2022 1:17:12 PM

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Hi Seqpro3,

You might consider an OpenTheremin v4 for your first instrument:

It has CV outs, and can do MIDI out as well.

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