Mirroring an Etherwave

Posted: 1/13/2023 5:40:36 PM

Joined: 1/11/2023

I'm looking buy my first theremin and am considering an Etherwave. I think I'd also like to modify the instrument so the pitch antenna on the left side (I'm left handed and play guitar). Can anyone with an Etherwave tell me what physical alterations such as cutting and drilling would be necessary? Thanks!

Posted: 1/13/2023 6:01:27 PM

From: Portland, Oregon

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Have you tried looking on EBay or reverb for a left-handed model? I’ve seen them come up from time to time. Or you could contact these people: https://www.ethermagic.eu/Leftify

Personally I would have this done by a professional rather than as a DIY project, but obviously it can be done if you have the skills

Posted: 2/2/2023 3:41:58 PM

From: Montana, USA

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You could get pretty far just by standing on the other side of it.   The only knob you are likely to want to adjust during playing is pitch, and you could just reach over the top.

If that seemed to work for you, you could relocate the pitch knob to the other side, which would only require drilling one hole, and a little rewiring.

If you really wanted to reverse the antennas, you could turn the circuit board upside down as those Leftify people do.  You wouldn't have to replace the side panels if you didn't mind extra holes.

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