Vintage loudspeaker and Etherwave

Posted: 2/22/2023 4:26:34 PM

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I would like to try connect my Etherwave theremin to vintage loudspeaker, I know there must be an amplifier between. I would like to get closer to organic and old sound of the theremin. Do you think that it makes sense? I am not sure what speaker choose, maybe one from this on ebay? 

Thank you for your ideas! 


Posted: 2/22/2023 5:47:14 PM

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Yes, speaker selection is important. But it is not a fact that the old speaker will give the classic theremin sound. Then, a long time ago, these were new speakers and the case in which the speaker was located mattered. (but most likely the main condition was mobility and lightness.

Perhaps the best option is an amplifier with an equalizer, so that any (full-range) speaker can be "forced" to sound like you want.

Posted: 2/22/2023 6:10:53 PM

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I would steer clear of vintage speakers, seems like a lot of trouble.  Maybe try a more modern full range driver, like for guitar, and perhaps with an open back baffle too.  Go to a guitar store and plug into a floor model.

Posted: 2/22/2023 7:36:53 PM

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Maybe something like this would be an option? Bluetooth speaker.
(I didn't hear it myself)

Posted: 2/22/2023 8:37:00 PM

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Posted: 2/23/2023 2:23:07 PM

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Thierry recommended a Yamaha MS-101 and I have been quite happy with that, they can be found used at quite reasonable prices, although you have to watch out for ground loops.

If I had infinite space and money and were building a new theremin monitoring system i would be very curious about using an 80s Magnepan planar speaker, they're not from the same era but similarly "ahead of its time", analog, aesthetically consistent, etc. Maybe if half a stereo pair or a center channel from a 5.1 system showed up on ebay. 

La Voix du Luthier is a modern company making gear designed for monitoring odd / vintage electrical instruments but it's quite expensive.

Posted: 2/26/2023 4:49:03 PM

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I have been using this simple setup for years.  It is pretty much no frills and gives a clear pure sound with no bells and whistles.   A PA amp attached to a old rebuilt antique speaker that I bought on Ebay.  I assume it is probably from an old radio cabinet but I don't remember the specifics.

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