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New Aria Theremin prototype

Started By: GlassMan

Last Updated: 888 days ago

A fully self-contained theremin with 8", 10" and 12" speakers, a Fender amp head and modified effect circuits. Has a volume pedal and a unique wired remote controller glove with standby, voice effects on/off and octavation/harmony on/off (the glove cable can be unplugged from the theremin). Solid black walnut casework. Features a "magic eye" UV indicator that responds to the movement of the volume hand. Also pitch preview for use with optional headphones. All on-board effects can be turned on or off either by the control panel knobs or with the controller glove. Effects include reverb, talking machine (human voice) and harmonizer/octavator. CV out, full hookup versatility for externals, and many other useful features.

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