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Burns B3 Deluxe Theremin

Burns B3 Deluxe Theremin

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The Burns B3 Deluxe theremin is a great choice for beginners and experienced thereminists alike.  Building on his successful line of theremins, Dan Burns introduces the B3 Deluxe. Housed in an enclosure built specifically for the B3 Deluxe line of theremins, this new case provides 18 inches of separation between the pitch and volume antennas. As with each theremin offered by Dan, this theremin is hand built with specific attention to detail, quality and economy.

The mic stand mount of this model has been recessed into the cabinet. Solid for mic stand mount play, the B3 Deluxe can also be played as a tabletop model with no modifications.

Mic stand not included.


  • 5 octave range
  • custom-built wooden cabinet
  • fingerprint-resistant black finish
  • removable power supply

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