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Burns B3 Theremin

Price Range:  ~$200

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Ready to play, the B3 Theremin is a great value. A true theremin has both loop antenna and rod antenna, this Theremin mounts on a mic stand (mic stand not included) or you can remove the included mic stand mount and play on your table top. This instrument has a loop antenna to control volume and a vertical antenna to control pitch. The B3 Theremin is known for its great sound, good range and very effective control of volume with your left hand over the volume antenna. This theremin has a five octave playing range. Pitch range is easily set for a comfortable 2.5 feet (arm's length), and can be adjusted.

A U.S. standard power supply (UL approved) is included. (Overseas thereminists will need to acquire a power converter to create electrical compatibility). All you'll need to add to this theremin is an amplifier and a cable to connect it to the B3's 1/4 inch jack to be up and playing.

Burns' instruments travel the world with numerous bands and have been featured on Law and Order:SVU and Big Brother UK.


  • True theremin with pitch and volume (rod & loop) antennas
  • Tonal quality of the B3 Theremin Line
  • Five octave playing range
  • Pitch range is easily set for a comfortable 2.5 feet (arm's length)
  • Removable mic stand mount

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