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Moog Music Etherwave Plus Theremin

Moog Etherwave Plus

Price Range: ~$650

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The World's Oldest Electronic Musical Instrument Is Now the World's Newest Controller. Control your gear with a wave of your hand!

The Etherwave Plus extends the Theremin's gestural playing technique to the world of analog synthesis and beyond. Control synthesizers and effects while playing the Theremin or use as a stand-alone CV (Control Voltage) controller. The CV outputs control signals are proportional to the pitch and volume of the Theremin's audio signal. Connect to the pitch and volume CV inputs of a Little Phatty, Voyager or any other analog synthesizer for a completely new way to play your synth. These CV signals are not limited to pitch and volume control. Route them to any CV destination, such as Eurorack modular synthesizer, and create a new world of expression.

Control anything from the cutoff frequency of a Moog Ladder Filter or the LFO Amount on a Moogerfooger Ring Modulator to the stereo panning on a Minimoog Voyager. It's a theremin plus 2 Control Voltage outputs and one gate output. Plus: Pitch preview (switchable to headphone volume) and Power LED. Housed in a red ash with a natural finish.

The Etherwave Plus has all the great features and tone of our standard Etherwave theremin. The "Plus" makes it an ideal controller and performance instrument:

  • Pitch & Volume CV Outputs - control a different CV parameter with each hand
  • Gate Output - trigger envelopes and other events
  • Pitch Preview/Headphone Output - with volume control, lets you hear your note before the audience does.
  • Power LED - instant visual power status on dark stages

See it in action: