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Moog Music Etherwave Theremin

Moog Music Etherwave Theremin

List Price: $899

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Moog Music has combined the Etherwave Standard and Etherwave Plus into a new instrument that is simply... Etherwave Theremin.

Ever since Bob Moog introduced the Etherwave theremin in 1996 under the Big Briar name, its design has been relatively unchanged... until now.

The new model boasts a refined case with an air vent in the top and does away with the hardware store plumbing bolt mounting approach. An indented front panel includes a full sized knob for headphone volume among the traditional knobs for pitch and volume antenna response, waveform, and brightness.

Additionally, Etherwave Theremin features:

  • Improved bass response and stability in the lowest registers
  • Updated antenna connections to enable quick assembly and easy removal for storage or travel
  • Quick-release mic stand adapter for attaching and detaching the instrument from mic stands
  • Mute control for setting the instrument into a standby mode or used for "pitch preview" via headphones
  • CV output integration from Etherwave Plus (Gate Out, Pitch Out, Vol. Out) for connecting with other modular, semi-modular, and CV-controlled instruments

To keep your Etherwave Theremin well protected between gigs, Moog Music has also introduced a new SR Series padded case.

Be sure to check out our accessories page for helpful items to go along with your new theremin!

Watch Yvonne Lambert perform on the Etherwave Theremin below.