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Moog Music Theremini Theremin

Price Range: ~$350

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The newest theremin from Moog Music, the affordable Theremini is an excellent way to ease into the world of gesture-controlled music and will grow with you as you become a master thereminist. The Theremini can also be used as a MIDI and CV controller to control your traditional or Eurorack synthesizer!

Note - The Theremini requires a mic stand adapter to fit standard mic stands. Guitar Center offers a great package deal that includes the adapter, a mic stand, and a gig bag!


  • Assistive pitch correction with selectable scales and root note allows each player to adjust the instrument’s level of playing difficulty and set scale and root. Dialable from 0% to 100% pitch correction.
  • Presets section with 32 wavetable-based sounds from a synth engine based on the amazing Animoog app for iOS.  Select a sound, store a selected scale and root note, set and recall a specified playing range.
  • Built-in tuner supplies real-time visual feedback of each note as it’s played and its proximity to perfection (great for correcting playing position or educating younger players on pitch and scales
  • Built-in adjustable stereo ping-pong delay
  • User selectable range: highest note and lowest note (stored per preset)
  • Built-in speaker, perfect for private rehearsal and quick setup anywhere
  • Front panel headphone jack: plug in earbuds or headphones and the speaker becomes silent
  • Rear panel features two line level audio outputs, a pitch CV output with selectable range, a mini USB jack for MIDI connectivity and Kensington lock slot (so you can leave it at the office for those after-work hours jam sessions).


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