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Synthrotek Optical Theremin Kit

Synthrotek Optical Theremin

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If you're looking for a fun and easy to build theremin kit, look no further than the Synthrotek Optical Theremin. The Optical Theremin is a perfect for those learning to solder or just looking for a simple kit to build for a science fair project or maker fair. It's not a "true" theremin as it doesn't use the heterodyning principle, but it certainly makes fun noises!

The Optical Theremin Kit uses a 555 timer IC for the oscillator and 2 light-sensitive resistors to control both pitch and volume. Power it from standard 9V battery or power adapter (not included). Plug in headphones or your amp, and you're ready to rock!

The Optical Theremin is available both as a kit with all components included or as the PCB board only if you wish to source your own parts.

See it in Action: