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Theremaniacs Fully FCC Compliant Theremin

Price Range: $140-150

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Smaller version of Leon Theremin's original design. Great Analog Theremin at a great price! Sounds far better than any other 'Black Box' Theremin. Fully FCC Compliant Radio Oscillator design for superior sound. 4 x 6 inch box has an extendable 19 inch antenna. Great portability and ease of use. Smooth Radio frequency signal mixing instead of digital pulse (on / off) mixing gives great tone and better low notes. Antenna collapses into the enclosure for easy transport.

Plug this into your amplifier, home stereo or computer sound card and play with the wave of your hand. Emits a low growl when you are 3 feet from the antenna. Pitch increases as the hand comes closer. All high quality components and construction featuring a laser etched professional quality circuit board with genuine inductor coils in a classic Dual Oscillator Heterodyne design.

Real Theremin sound and playability! Durable, unusual and a whole lot of fun!