Former music teacher, piano/organ technician with 27 years in the work force, and a recording artist until a car crash led to a forced early retirement at age 46. Now I am building instruments and doing recording at home, when I'm not taking care of my aging mom 24/7 or my huge family of stray cats.... I love theremins and musical saws. I started inventing and making instruments in late childhood. I progressed into harps and harpsichords in the teen years, then into pianos, organs and bowed instruments as an adult. I discovered the theremin after my car crash in 2009, as I was inventing a new type of glass armonica. Since I have retired, I have been able to return to instrument-making full-time. I am currently engineering my own lines of theremins and musical saws, which will be available starting in early 2017.


  • Location: Brownsville, California
  • Theremins: Etherwave Pro+Etherwave Plus+Theremini+Keppinger+Wavefront+Theremax+My Own New Line


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