Just an old guy who, as a teenager, fell in love with a Theremin back in 1956 when I saw Dr. Samuel Hoffman play one on the Mickey Mouse Club. I detuned an old radio and actually created a pitch only Theremin. After that I wanted an RCA Theremin, but knew I'd never have one. Now, I want to build a Theremin that looks like an RCA. I'm not enough of a purist to want to build an actual 'tube' unit, and have purchased a Theremin kit that's solid state. I will replicate the RCA cabinet, but am concerned about the antennas. While it will have an audio output for an external amplifier, it will also be self contained. Being on a very tight budget, I am wondering what metals I can use for the pitch and volume antennas. I'm thinking of aluminum since, for the volume, it can more easily be bent. I'd Appreciate any thoughts on this.


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