an artist working with science and technology. no formal electrical engineering backgroung. just a keen interest and drive to learn. ----------------------------------- I'm currently finishing up a 90 minute experimental documentary (Spectres of Shortwave) about the recently dismantled RCI shortwave radio site as well as a new body of work entitled Requiem for Radio to be completed in 2016-2017 which includes 13 DIY Theremins, laid out as a scale model of the RCI shortwave transmission site, connected through an interactive Max MSP patches to trigger audio recordings that I made by placing contact mics on each of those towers before they were dismantled.


  • Website: www.amandadawnchristie.ca
  • Location: Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada
  • Theremins: Etherwave plus, PAiA Theremax 9505, also prepping to build a Thierrymin, about to build 13 custom theremins to use as midi triggers
  • Twitter: @@magnet_mountain


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