RCA Theramin for sale

Posted: 1/20/2008 11:15:03 AM
Jeff S

From: N.E. Ohio

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Now , that's just CRAZY! But, since I'm crazy too, I have to agree with you.

While I agree RCA Theremins are important, historical instruments, in general I believe they are a bit overpriced. Yes, there is the law of supply and demand, but there IS more than one RCA Theremin out there.

The main reason the price is so high is because there are people out there who will pay it, whether it is reasonable or not.

RCA Theremins are basically constructed of the same materials and components as many vintage console radios, which rarely go for much more that $500 (USD) on any given day.
Posted: 1/20/2008 12:34:41 PM

From: new haven ct.

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RCA's are not really overpriced when you consider how much vintage guitars go for, and the fact the guitars are a little more common. I have a vintage left-handed bass that I could sell tomorrow for 10 grand. And that's a hardy, still take out to gigs (well some) working instrument.
RCAs are much more delicate and require quite a bit of care, so not onlty is there the additional cost, but it can't be dragged around to friends to jam with, or take on the road. It is an instrument that really needs a dedicated owner.
If anything, a system could be set up like they do with valuable violins. An organization or individual owns them and lends out to qualified musicians to use.

Posted: 4/23/2009 9:16:43 AM
David Butler

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Hi, Did you sell your RCA Theremin or .......?
Posted: 4/23/2009 11:57:53 AM

From: Kansas City, Mo.

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I tend to view the RCA theremin as a collector's item. I would enjoy playing one sometime but I don't see myself owning one.

The only vacuum tube theremin that I've played is hypergolic's Keppinger Theremin. It is an excellent instrument.

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