A little confused on where to start with complex fingering

Posted: 1/25/2008 6:54:48 AM

From: Colmar, France

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I have read Carolina Eyck's book. Couldn't yet try it out, since my theremin is still in Berlin.

But her method seems to be reasonable for an ex-violinist as I am.
Posted: 5/13/2008 3:29:28 PM

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as someone who is now just getting serious about a former hobby...finding fingering diagrams has been impossible (it seems) online. the explanation here is awesome!

does anyone have drawings of positions? that's what i was looking for but couldn't find.

and i just realized that i haven't properly introduced myself, and you all seem like a pretty close knit group.
i'm kyle, i'm 24 and live in Grand Rapids, Michigan. i have been playing theremin for about 2 years, piano for 4, guitar for about 11 and trombone for 13. i have a degree in recording technology (that i have hardly used) and i like to cook.

basically, i had to re-learn my embouchure when i went to college, and if i'm gonna learn theremin i want to do it right. is the Peter Pringle DVD that i've been hearing about the place to start? i've reviewed the Rockmore technique, but again, no pictures so i'm just assuming i'm doing it correctly.

maybe someone could take pictures of their hand positions? just an idea...


Posted: 5/13/2008 4:47:51 PM
Charlie D

From: England

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Unfortunately, there is no right or wrong. Copy those thereminists you admire, ignore those who play music you do not.
Posted: 5/13/2008 5:37:46 PM

From: Croxley Green, Hertfordshire, UK

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A lot of good advice on this thread.

I'll add to Charlie's advice... and you can find videos of several good thereminists on youtube with visuals of fingering in action. Try - Lydia Kavina, Carolina Eyck, Peter Pringle, Randy George and Thomas Grillo.

Also Kevin Kissinger has posted a couple of useful demonstrations on his website. http://kevinkissinger.com/videos.shtml.
Posted: 5/13/2008 6:31:01 PM

From: Kingston, NY

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Welcome to ThereminWorld kcolt!

If you haven't yet check out Eric Estrada's method book too. The English translation (http://www.thereminworld.com/news.asp?s=699) is out and it's free.

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