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Look at this thread! This is amazing how much we are all still discussing this instrument!

I hope Moog ( is watching. This indicates a market for a pro-level theremin that's much greater than it was when the EWPro was released.

I've loved my EWPro #216 from the moment I unpacked it, and later had it customized for the preview. The few design flaws, like the spinning stand it's developed (which I'll have to fix), have not made it any less a responsive, flexible and sensitive instrument.

The love some players have for the EWStandard is well founded too, it's very good theremin, but as a global community of musicians we just need more options. It's been hope giving to see Moog expand their distribution over seas and starting to reach out to South America, it's a very risky time and I hope they have great success.

I too look forward to Fred's instrument and cannot wait to see it go into production. His writings here have been exciting and intriguing. Best wishes!

More Theremins For Everybody!
Posted: 12/7/2008 4:26:49 AM

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[i]He also told me that he believed that the final run of E-Pro's and most, if not all, of the new standard Etherwaves are now a natural wood finish because they (Moog) were having issues with the black paint process. Unfortunately, being "on the clock", I didn't have the time to get more specifics from him.[/i]

Greetings to all on the board,

I've been pondering what the dealer told Jeff S regarding finishes and wonder what issues Moog may be having with black.

If I'm not mistaken, the standard finish used by Moog all these years on the E Standard has been a non-conductive black finish.

Then came the 'special editions', if I recall they were offered in different solid woods like Walnut and Cherry and also a White washed finish as well. I think this was around 2004?

This year, Moog started offering the E Standard with a natural Ash wood finish. The Black is still available, but it now costs $50 more just to be dressed in black. In all other aspects, it's the same instrument.

In the woodworking industry, they love it when a black finish is specified for wood. It's great for masking blemishes. They get to use the wood which normally can't be used for natural stained finishes.

I should think it would be cheaper for Moog to produce the blacks. I wonder what 'issues' make a basic black finish cost 50 bucks more?
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Here's another change (I think.) They now ship worldwide (where there is a local distributor the product will ship locally.) Shipping with a 220V power supply costs $16 more that a 110V supply (unless the etherwave is black - then it costs $20 more.)
Posted: 12/7/2008 9:37:50 AM
Brian R

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Just spotted
this (
STRK:MEWAX:IT&item=270314063880) on eBay
(and, yes, I flinched).

Can't help wondering what happens when Unavailable Object meets Deepening Recession.
Posted: 12/9/2008 4:49:45 AM

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...cannot contribute much to the upper end of the scale - but the sign on my Pro says its number 116...
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>Just spotted
>this on eBay
>(and, yes, I flinched).

I really appreciated you posting the link for the Auction here. Thanks very much. :)

>Can't help wondering what happens when Unavailable Object meets Deepening Recession.

Well, the bid I won, sold for $3100.00, and a second supposedly "Flawless", "like New" EPro that appeared about the same time, sold for $4600.00.

The ironic thing about the bidding process was, my personal bid was canceled and deleted-- since I've never seen anything on eBay I've wanted to bid on before. Ever. So I had no prior bidding history. Writing a letter of introduction & intent, didn't sway the seller at all in accepting any offers from me, or in believing my money was in fact, quite green. That was most unfortunate.

Luckily, I have a co-worker at the Studio here, who acted on my behalf, as a Proxy Bidder. Sometimes it pays to have a NinjaMaster on your side, to do your bidding... ;) With my friend Todd's buying history, I was able to acquire the EPro I've wanted for the last two years, from Larry.

But back to your question...

The state of the current world economy, is certainly one reason why both of these machines sold for much lower than other sales (both private & public), have tended to go for, since this last summer...

I recall I had one unnamed Dealer, call and ask me straight out, for $8k to buy a brand new one. It was no secret I wanted an EPro, and badly. But I told him then, "Good luck with that."

As more housing loans reset this January to higher interest rates, the global economy should slow down even more. I expect the next round of EPros for sale, should continue to become even more affordable during this financial period of crisis.

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