Theremin-guitar Idea

Posted: 2/8/2012 7:53:15 PM

From: Croxley Green, Hertfordshire, UK

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Hi Mark, congratulations on losing your guitar in a righteous cause. :-)

I still think that ring-modding the guitar against the theremin is the way to go. It sounded so good when we tried it.

But I just had another thought. Take a look at this:

For £13.40 inc. p&p it might be worth a try. It's going to have a tiny pitch field, but for your purposes that's just right, and I guess it'll be nasty old square wave, but hey, it optionally quantises the pitch, which could be fun. :-)

Posted: 2/9/2012 11:56:46 AM

Joined: 2/8/2012

I have tried software ring-mods but I think I need go old hardware to get a good effect, its somewhere on my long-long shopping list of random crap to buy.

Taking a look at that theremin kit its not bad for the price, the tone has a lot to be desired (I had a listen to the sound sample) but as you say for £13.40 all in its worth a pop just for experimental purposes ;)

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