Using a Talking Machine with Etherwave Standard/Plus

Posted: 9/11/2012 3:41:17 PM

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Hi, Fred. :-)

Coalport wrote:

"The problem with headphones is that unless you have some sort of stereo console to use them with, the sound you get will be "dead". You need something that can give you the acoustic feel of a room or hall. "

Agreed, headphones are not ideal, but then again shops are seldom designed for their acoustic properties. Certainly not my local effects pedal store, which is tiny and stacked to the rafters with gear, as illustrated by this promotional video.


What headphones do give is constancy - the theremin will sound the same through them wherever you are, so you can familiarise yourself with the basic sound of the theremin through headphones at home, so that you have a baseline for comparisons.

Having a decent reverb in the effects chain helps a bit.

Posted: 9/11/2012 5:58:59 PM

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Amethyste, could you tell me the specific model of ART attenuator that you have? I'm having a rather hard time looking for one, there are several models but all look too complex to me and I'm not even sure they do what I want them to do (I have no idea of what are things that appear in the specifications like a "Thru connection" or if I need "phantom power", "balanced", "low-Z", etc!)

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Al, I just saw this and I am in bed already... I'll let you know tomorrow ok? :)


Good Morning! Here is the one I have on Amazon:

Hope this hel;ps :)


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Thanks a lot! :)

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