some assistance in tuning required

Posted: 12/19/2013 9:26:41 PM

From: Northern NJ, USA

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"I spent a few hours fiddling around with L5 and L6. At some point I got completely confused following different instructions and ended up with a complete mess.

However, eventually I succeeded and even though I'm not 100% satisfied yet, it behaves way better than it did initially. The pitch knob now does what it's supposed to do (or at least what I expect)"  - madigan

IMO this is pretty much par for the course when tuning the EW.  But if you haven't make it to the stiff drink step then you haven't put forth enough effort!  ;-)

A scope takes a lot of the guesswork out of it and puts you quickly in the ballpark, but it sounds like you are probably close, and Thierry knows this better than probably anyone on earth, so I would follow his advice.

Posted: 12/20/2013 1:01:16 AM

From: Berlin, GER

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Thierry, you are a star! Thanks to your precise instructions I finally succeeded.. Apparently the poor thing was way over tuned- I had to repeat your suggested steps 23! times (the last 17 because of my sense of perfection though. I'm sure my neighbours across the street now think I'm trying some obscure new kind of sports. Not only the lid but also the power supply plug needs to be put in place with each attempt..)
But it was worth the effort: my new friend now behaves as I think it should ;-)

Thanks, Fred. That was actually one of the reasons I got so confused. I've read this post, merged it with the instructions from the Moog site and another post from TW and additionally (I'm pretty sure) I managed to mix up clockwise and counterclockwise.

dewster, now I also understand your comment about drilling holes ;-) I might consider that idea but for the time being I hope I don't have to repeat the whole procedure again so soon..

Thanks everyone for your advice!

Posted: 12/20/2013 3:20:32 AM

From: Northern NJ, USA

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"Hmm, getting an analogue device, I was naive thinking that it doesn't require any tweaking..." - madigan

Moore's law seems to have no jurisdiction in the field of Theremin technology.  (And I realize that applies more to digital than analog, but in some sense tech is tech.)

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