Greetings, gots an idea maybe

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About our Theremin Synth, my preferred video is:

I am not a good musician so i can really play only in "pizzicato" mode, my other videos are only "confusion", with only some note really tuned.

In this days we are working on a new ThereminSynth version, that will help the fine tuning, also with a "Visual Tuner" (the "snap" algorithm data will be visualized with a large and colored bar on the screen) (the "snap" is explained at page 7 of the ThereminSynth manual, download it from Here, and use the "Help" menu) 

Another small suggestion:

Our Master PINS can read simple capacitive pads (CapTouch technology), also with the "Velocity" information, as explained in the pages 16, 17, 18, 19 and 20 of the HAL manual (download the HAL from Here, and use the "Help" menu)

Then data can be sent via MIDI to, for example, a drum sampler, like explained here:
and here:
and here:

Theremin 3D files

Soon on the Theremino pages, we will publish 3D files, to print an advanced physical interface for our virtual Theremin called "Theremin_Synth" or any other MIDI application.

It will soon be possible, to print your own Theremino_Theremin Interface from home, using a 3d printer and the project developed by the designer "Lello".

When ready, those files will be published in this page:


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Hells bells! Another digital theremin with visual tuner!

Good luck,  livio. And welcome to TW.. And thanks for helping out here - I was out of my depth! ;-)


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I made music of some kind.  Here it is, I'm very interested in what people think of it.

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It brought a smile to my face. Kind of Morton Subotnick meets Delia Derbyshire. That's not a bad thing.

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[QUOTE]It brought a smile to my face. Kind of Morton Subotnick meets Delia Derbyshire. That's not a bad thing.[/QUOTE]

Thanks, Man.  I had to do some reading to catch up with ya, but I hear it too.  It's a lot of fun this elektronika.



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