My Etherwave PCB

Posted: 10/12/2016 8:46:02 PM

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I build the single sided pcb with succes. And I believe Betabox build a slightly altered version of it with succes. You can also download the double sided pcb here. It has nearly the same dimensions of the moog PCB.

Posted: 10/25/2016 12:07:30 PM

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Why do you advise to remove the yaewsbm buffer?

Posted: 10/31/2016 9:07:20 PM

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The output wave of the yaewsbm gave me volume problems. in sertain position combination of the brightness and waveform knobs the output went near silent.

Posted: 11/3/2016 7:08:32 AM

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What about the buffer which is integrated in the schematic of ***

Is this the real circuit of the ESPE01 or just a similar one?

Posted: 11/3/2016 1:09:05 PM

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These emitter follower buffers in that schematic have nothing to do with the ESPE01. The latter does not simple buffering but controlled/limited decoupling and pre-mixer wave shaping.

Posted: 11/7/2016 11:37:37 AM

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"What about the buffer which is integrated in the schematic of Is this the real circuit of the ESPE01 or just a similar one?"


That buffer circuit was given to me as the so called ESPE01. It works nicely so i think it is similar or identical.


Posted: 11/7/2016 1:00:31 PM

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I have depicted the schematic of a original ESPE01.

It is not the same as in the link because it uses 2 JFETs but very similar otherwise.

Posted: 11/16/2016 5:10:15 PM

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Hi at all,

i want to try this one, but I am wondering, which inductors i could use. So, where did you get your coils or which did you use? All other parts of the circuit are nothing special, but the coils..?

Posted: 11/30/2016 7:50:25 PM

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Hi all,

I would first like to say that I have been reading through all but a few of your posts, and I must say I am very impressed by the support and mostly mature dialogue found in this community. Your love of theremins is infectious!

After reading a great deal about, and studying for several months the EW theremin, I have etched the board and purchased all but a few components for the EW theremin. I (who am not an engineer by any definition, but love electronics) have one or two questions regarding inductors for this build.

So far I been having a blast making mistakes, and then trying to figure out why its not working. Its strangely fun. I am not close to having it work, but it has been a really fun process in failure. But I am ready for good results now.

I think I have the wrong variable inductors, and as everyone knows its really hard to find the correct TOKO's. 

Could someone mention ones they have had easy success with, and would require very little changes to things as they are stated in the HotRodding article? I have been working on this puppy since July and it is great fun. Like a giant puzzle that is not quite fitting together.

I have read that SLOT TEN-5-10's seem to be a good alternative, and the changes are just a few resistor values listed in other threads I have bookmarked.

The ones I have used and seem to have issues with are these: 

Toko A7BRS-T1040Z

they are 100uh, and aside from that they seemed acceptable. 

Thank you for any answers, and any help!



Posted: 3/6/2017 12:54:52 PM

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I've been reading this thread and researching the Etherwave. I want to try the pcb layout provided and I'm deciding if I should do the single or double sided board. Is it confirmed that the double sided board works as well?

As many others I am trying to find suitable variable inductors. Any recommendations on available variable inductors? I have been looking at the 100uH Toko A7BRS-T1040Z which Maarkaus stated he was having troubles using, so I'm hesitant on ordering the parts. 

Regards, Kolbeinn

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