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Posted: 1/11/2015 1:06:37 PM

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Amey! Thierry does not despise you. I think he was perhaps a little surprised to hear an artist announce that their own work was “well thought out and sensitive”. It is unusual for artists to do this, and many people consider it to be in rather bad taste. 


Now calm down, take a deep breath, and read on.


It’s certainly quite acceptable to announce awards, and to pass along rave reviews written by others, but self-praise is seen by some as arrogant and conceited. 


You could say, for instance, “I was so happy and deeply honored to win the Academy Award last night, and thrilled that critics have received my recent film with such enthusiasm and appreciation.”


What you cannot say, regardless of what you think about your own acting, is: “It was great winning the Academy Award last night. I loved making the film and my performance was really sensitive and well thought out.” That is a “faux pas”….et il ne faut pas! 😄


Please don’t fly into a rage. I am not trying to put you down or insult you. But I think it is unfair to say that Thierry wrote what he wrote because he despises you. This is not about whether your playing is sensitive and well thought out. It is about your judgment and taste in saying it yourself. I understand you are just being honest and saying what you think, but when we say those kinds of things about ourselves it does not reflect well on us in the eyes of others.


As for Carolina, I doubt she would ever write gratuitous compliments about her own theremin playing. Compliments are for others to make about us, not for us to make about ourselves. If we do it, we should not be surprised when it seems like "self-adulation".


Before you fly off the handle and write that you don’t care what others think (which you DO), and that we can all go %^&%$ ourselves, think over what I’ve said. You are a very special creature, and an excellent thereminist as well. No one here hates or despises you - not Thierry and certainly not me! I have always been very fond of you, even when we’ve been in deep shit (which we have been on a few occasions). We’ve always managed to cyber-hug & make up. N’est-ce pas?

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I guess we all suffer from self adulation from time to time when we post video of ourselves playing an instrument, doing a tutorial, a lecture, etc ~ especially when we are included in the said video and share it with people to see it. Anyway...

Well it feels that Thierry never really liked me from the get go.. first he critiqued my Enya video (saying it was a waste of HD), then my choice of music played on the theremin, then the weird lady playing a saw (saying that this picture reminded me of her on another forum) then this... I never instigated insults or bad/distasteful comments to him. It doesn't matter what I do or say, but I doubt I'll ever gain any of his respect and c'est la vie. I do admire his ability to cure ill theremins that come his way as he has a gift and people truly admire him and I can totaly see why.

I didn't fly off the handl really. I just said it the way I saw it. But when one of you "guys" say something the way you see it, it is acceptable but when I say something in that manner, I am seen like a raging lunatic or a "b*tch". These double standards are irking me.

I was just excited and wanted to share the news. Sorry it felt like I was egoistical and Narcissicist. It wasn't my intention.

Have a lovely day everyone

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True, Thierry does occasionally put his foot in his mouth. He had no business saying what he said about your ENYA theremin transcription (which I liked BTW) and, as you may recall, I TOLD HIM SO!


I know it was not your intention to appear self-congratulating, egotistical or “narcissistic” but when you say your playing is well thought out, melodious and sensitive, that is the impression you are liable to give.


Off hand, and I have a reasonably good memory, I can’t recall any of us “guys” applauding our own theremin skill and musicianship in that way. Not even ME, and you know how monstrously over-inflated MY ego is!  😃 There’s nothing wrong with self-promotion and posting videos of yourself (hey, if YOU don’t do it, nobody else will!) You are only liable to run into trouble when you start telling people how great those videos are and how wonderful your theremin playing is. 😣


BTW, I do recall Carolina Eyck introducing herself once as “Europe’s premiere thereminist”. That raised a few eyebrows but she was 14 years old when she did it!  LOL



Now that she has arguably BECOME Europe’s premiere thereminist, I would be very surprised if she would make such a social “gaffe”. At the time, because of her age, it was a rather endearing comment and it got a bit of a chuckle.

Posted: 1/11/2015 4:13:25 PM

From: In between the Pitch and Volume hand ~ New England

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Peter, if you re-read the sentence, I said that "Secret World" (as the project) is well thought out, melodious etc. I didn't imply that MY playing was that... :)

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I do apologize, Amey! You originally wrote:


SECRET WORLD (I am the thereminist)……is melodious and well thought out, sensitive and very soothing.”


My mistake. Disregard everything I said. This thread has become a waste of time - yours and mine.

Posted: 1/11/2015 6:01:05 PM

From: In between the Pitch and Volume hand ~ New England

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Agreed :)

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"This thread has become a waste of time - yours and mine." - Coalport

I dont think it was a waste of time - I think that your words of advice could be helpful to others.. This whole area of "self adulation" vs "legitimate" self promotion is a real difficult one for some people.. Those who master it best are probably those who are able to do it without seeming to do it.

Like everything about us, there are also cultural factors.. "You are only liable to run into trouble when you start telling people how great those videos are and how wonderful your theremin playing is." isnt universally true - I have seen idiots who have never played a theremin bragging that their keyboard rendition is the "best theremin video ever" and being applauded (by other idiots) on YT.

I think Amey's response to Thierrys needless nasty snipe was fully justified and I was surprised by how tame it was!



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From: In between the Pitch and Volume hand ~ New England

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Coalport ~ THank you for mentioning "Secret World" to the OP. I am really honored that you thought that the CD was worthy enough to even suggest it. <3

Fred, THank you for the kind congratulatory words, they are appreciated :) And also, I agree. my reply was quite tame ~ maybe I am growing up? Or I just don't let that kind of stuff bother me as much as I used to let it in the past...

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I do hope your comment was done tongue-in-cheek. It did sound awfully snarky IMO. With such a small knit community that theremin players are, you would think we would praise each and every players accomplishments that we achieve.

I personally greatly enjoy the music that Amethyste and Doug create together. And the fact that Secret World is completely unrehearsed and improvisational should garner an even higher approval rating. Not to mention the Secret World project is also getting awards.

I feel a bit sorry for myself should I, by some freak of circumstance become a precision player one day. You'll have fodder for months, cause I'm gunna shout my own praise from the friggin' rooftops! 

Ian, you'll find when the time comes, that the theremin is not an easy or intuitive instrument to play. So each new milestone you reach will be hard fought and worth recognition. Try to remember your humble roots. So you don't become cynical and jaded. Some seem to forget.

And Ian. Along with the other thereminists mentioned, I would also suggest you listen to these very accomplished players.

Clara Rockmore... of course

Lidia Kavina

Pamelia Kurstin

Dorit Chrysler and

Thomas Grillo to name a few.

You might also come over to the LevNet on FaceBook group. Lots of talented and knowledgeable people there. Welcome to the fascinating world of the theremin. There's plenty of room for all. Just grow a think skin... you'll be fine.

- Dean -









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One CD to consider is "Time Slips Away" by Takeuchi Masami.  Available from CD Baby and you can listen to sound samples before buying.  

Another one that I really like is unfortunately no longer available.  "Many Voices" by our very own Peter Pringle (aka Coalport).  Perhaps if you beg hard enough he would make a copy available for you.  

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