Theremin Building

Posted: 5/25/2019 1:58:01 PM

From: UK

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I want to build a theremin as cheaply as I can, but splashing a little where necessary to keep it from being totally crummy and to add a hint of quality, so that it actually works well.

Why, you ask? I'm entertaining this idea because I have a terrible history of starting to learn things and stopping without having made much progress. Guitar, piano, archery, Japanese - I remain a novice in all of these skills I have tried to pick up. While I'm working on that and trying to stick with things more, I rediscover my fixation with the theremin. A wonderful instrument that I'd love to try, but one that I wouldn't buy even if I were rich. I want to make it myself and risk very little money, so that even if I don't make much progress, I'll still have had fun building it, at the very least.

I've taken a cursory look over the first few pages of google, trying to find some diagrams and/or instructions, but I ultimately can't find what I want. What I want is something with a little more quality and 'finish' than this, but on a similar budget. I want it to be a decent size - so that I have a larger space to play with -, I want it to be able to produce an okay sound - preferably a stable signal more than anything else -, and I want it to have a 1/4" jack for an amp.

Let it be known that I'm not initiated in electronics and the like, but what little I have tinkered with, I have enjoyed. What I can do is follow clear instructions, with minimal jargon.

Sorry if this is ramble-y, but I'm hoping that the right person will find this and "do me a solid".


Posted: 5/25/2019 3:19:06 PM

From: Northern NJ, USA

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Maybe give Thierry's circuit a go:

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