Eyck's method book confusion

Posted: 7/2/2019 1:07:19 AM

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I have recently started learning to play the Theremin (Etherwave Std). I have been working through Carolina Eyck's method book. Many of the exercises are starting at C (in first position), then proceeding up position by position. Then the exercise will follow this same pattern but starting at D and so forth.

The thing that is confusing me is when I start at D in 1st position and go to my 3rd position I end up at F# but the music is written (in many of the exercises) as F natural.

As a specific example:
Exercise 12 measure 4 starts in 1st position D, then 2nd position E, 3rd position F#, 4th position G.
However, in Etude 1 measure 6, starts at 1st position D, then 2nd position E, then 3rd position F natural.

My understanding is that 3rd position would always end up at the 3rd note in a major scale of the base note you start on. When 1st position is C, 3rd would be F. 1st=D, 3rd=F#. 1st=E, 3rd=G#. etc.

Am I missing something? Am I doing something incorrectly? Or am I learning exactly what the exercises are intended to demonstrate, that when first position is not at C I may need to play short of 3rd position to get the correct note?


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Aerial Fingering is based on the fact that Clara Rockmore started out on the violin. It is a tradition.

The antenna only cares about mass and proximity, not finger positions.

It is easier to control your body through angles, simple math for your brain to calculate, as in walking , running, picking things up or throwing things.

I hold  my hand in a neutral semi closed position, totally relaxed, all motion for pitch is done by flexing the elbow joint. I have only one articulation to worry about, how many do you have to worry about?

fingers, five of them, wrist, elbow, and shoulder - also you are standing, I sit. You have to do a lot of work to get that note, right? Remember those finger positions!!!

Maybe you really want a violin?

Carolina Eyck is an excellent player and fine musician, if you invest a lot of time and energy using those methods you may approach that lofty realm of the working precision thereminist.

Just do not expect America's Got Talent to give you shot, a fellow named Charles fixed that.

Now here is the real problem, that pole antenna for pitch has a very narrow sensing range - holding pitch is like walking a tightrope. Deviate by a half inch and its way off. My theremin uses plate antenna, very forgiving, like walking down a sidewalk.

Now, could I interest you in lessons for the Kazoo . . .  first inhale, place the kazoo in one's mouth, hum, inhale again and hum again ,repeat until finished.

You can send me a check in the mail.

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Keep it up!

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