Teensy 4.0 600MHz ARM Cortex M-7 MCU - ideal for digital MCU based theremin?

Posted: 3/9/2022 12:48:17 PM

From: Porto, Portugal

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Idea: make desktop app for editing/capturing/playback of theremin score (pitch + volume track).
I've tried to create separate topic, but it looks like it did not pass moderation.

Prototype screenshot (Qt cross platform open source app):

Planned functionality:

* Allow "drawing" of pitch and volume. Should support limitation of velocity/acceleration and higher derivatives of value transitions (simulate hand movement limitations). Pitch correction (snap to center of halfnote), custom transitions between notes, vibrato...

* "Pitch preview" for drawing tools - to hear pitch for moving pointer over pitch track, or pitch+volume when moving over volume track.

* Playback / synthesis of whole track or selected loop, including live reaction on editing.

* Different synthesizers / presets - allow to experiment with synthesis. If algorithms from real digital theremin (like D-lev) implemented, could be used as preset editor.

* Render / audio file export - to save synthesized audio into file.

* Capture track from recorded audio

* Capture track from digital theremin device (e.g. via USB Serial connection)

* Playback track on digital theremin (e.g. send pitch + volume flow via USB Serial to theremin device)

Current state: prototype.
Track is represented by 1200 pitch+volume floating point "sampes" per second.
Zoom / scrolling of pitch and volume panes is working.
127 midi notes range for pitch, 20..-100dB range for gain.
Meter marks are fixed
Drawing tool can be selected (currently, 3 "pens" with different max velocity / acceleration settings).

Currently working on smooth drawing implementation. It's actually not an easy task...

GitHub link

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