Posted: 9/12/2020 11:02:03 PM

From: Rockville, Maryland

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So I went to theremin times to share a playlist.
I guess I dont rate a mention.

Of all types of musicians and there 'culture's theremin players have the highest percentage of snobs elitists and personality disorders.

Best to ignore the whole scene.  . .

Covid-19 transmissions

In 3D cross eyed viewing.

Last post for a while. I'll check back if I successfully rig the November election.

Playing the theremin is the least important thing to me now. Disgusted that pringle ruined the whole thing.

Posted: 9/12/2020 11:21:39 PM

From: 60 Miles North of San Diego, CA

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Rupert you are a gift to all of us as you are real. Pringle which is not his birth name as he must live in the shadow of his older sister who I will not name. He was very good in his day but like the rest of us became a washed up individual with minimal later success.

I know nothing about music and found many musicians had this odd attitude and reflection of self, they are just too bitchen for me. Some do recognize what having a gift truly means as in an instant they know it can be snatched away, visit Wounded Warriors.

I think many of us in our old age reflect on that saying:

"I could have been a contender" "You don't understand! I coulda had class. I coulda been a contender. I could've been somebody, instead of a bum, which is what I am."

I got your message and reviewed some interesting stuff it led me to.


Posted: 9/12/2020 11:28:48 PM

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Hi Rupert, I must say that I do appreciate you doing your own unique things and style with the theremin as well as the video art you combine it with. 

Posted: 9/13/2020 1:34:46 PM

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"Disgusted that pringle ruined the whole thing."

Funny you should say that. I used to think of the theremin as an electronic toy. Then I heard Peter play and thought: That's the way I want to play! Sadly, I have a looong way to go. Peter once wrote: "a higher than average percentage of thereminists have a lower than average sense of pitch." He knows me so well even though we've never met.
Peter doesn't grade on a curve. If you stink he says so and that is hard for some people to take.

Posted: 9/13/2020 3:06:18 PM

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"Disgusted that pringle ruined the whole thing."  - Chappelle

"He was very good in his day but like the rest of us became a washed up individual with minimal later success."  - oldtemecula

Our trolls are very modest men.

"Playing the theremin is the least important thing to me now."

"I know nothing about music..."

With much to be modest about.

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