Claravox Centennial Theremin - Post Your Thoughts Here

Posted: 6/3/2021 1:18:50 PM

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"I'm also with BFNastali on this one... I ordered my Theremin in Australia last year as a Christmas present for the wife. She is super excited to eventually get it. Instead she had to settle for a Theremin method book by Caroline Eyck.I have been a closet reader of the forums ever since I ordered as our excitement is not waning. The delays on instruments is definitely not just linked to Moog. I waited 8 months for a bass guitar that I would normally get off the shelf. It is a sign of the times.What I am tiring of, is the same negative Nancy comments that keep coming up. We get it, you're upset. Cancell your order, move on and be done with it. Or start another thread on "Moog is the devil- join me for a rollicking good time bagging them."Can we try and remain positive for an outstanding looking instrument at a fantastic price for a pro level instrument. That will get into our sweaty, waiting hands as soon as they can!"

Well said, Peragere!

Posted: 6/3/2021 1:36:19 PM

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I get how reading negative comments can get on people's nerves, but this sort of thing happened with the Theremini too.  We slowly found out how horrible it was as a serious instrument, and some folks here took that very personally, accused the data collectors of being negative vibe merchants operating in bad faith or something, and stomped out in a huff.

Moog isn't honoring their promise of delivery date, which is understandable given the world-wide disruptions in supply chains.  What isn't understandable is the unnecessary secrecy surrounding manufacture and shipment, which just naturally drives wild speculation.  It would be a lot easier to defend Moog's delay if they came clean on the reasons, and kept customers regularly updated.  It's not hard to do, but apparently it's against their very nature.  Or maybe the truth is something we can't handle and would cause a riot of refunds, like a shipping date of next year some time.  Who knows?

I have to interpret the lack of a manual as a somewhat ominous sign, though maybe they want to keep that a 100% secret too until the very last minute.  I'd assume the design, from a UI standpoint anyway, was frozen a while back, so the manual could likely be released now - if it were ready and if Moog wanted to.  Then again, Moog can be fairly slow with things like apps and manuals so maybe it means nothing.  Who knows?

[EDIT] Just to be clear, I'm not implying the Claravox will be another Theremini (by all indications it will be up there with the EW Pro).

[EDIT2] Supplies of the EW and EW+ seem to be drying up at the same time Moog is dragging its feet with the Claravox, which makes it an extra weird time to be on the market for a new Theremin.  This is leaving some folks high and dry.  We can't exactly be telling them to just cancel their order if they're upset, because there are no real alternatives out there.

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This thread was supposed to be about the instrument itself, not fraud laws or manufacturing processes. 

Locking the thread for a few days as a cool down. New threads on this topic will be deleted in the interim. This is a “time out”. The length of the time out will depend on how much time I have to spend squashing side threads that pop up in order to get around the time out

For those with feedback about any manufacturer or retailer, I encourage you to contact them directly via phone, email, or in their own forums. You can assume they do not monitor this forum and that your concerns are not reaching them by posting here.

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