Moog vs Burns

Posted: 11/18/2022 10:03:57 AM

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The gear that I  ended up with was over a period of time.  I was trying to start a studio.  Certain years I had money and credit. The hammonds and Leslie’s came my way because of  meeting a man that had been involved with Hammond organs and classical organs. Sadly he’s no longer with us.  I bought the hammonds and Leslie’s from him when I was young  he would get Hammond organs and Leslie’s from small country church’s.  I live in a rural area. I bought my piano when I was young and payed many dues to afford it  I just couldnt make It happen simply because I was going to school at the time and working and tried to find a building to start my studio.I ended up going bankrupt.  I sold musical equipment for awhile so that’s how I ended up with so many synths
I’m just old now and have this gear from 27 years ago. I’m disabled so I can’t really gig anymore or even drive. I’m almost blind. So I could hook up my gear it’s just a matter of doing it.  I recently set up the synths and keyboards I use the most. I have a friend that lives in LA and has played drums for Keith Emerson and Van Morrison, Edgar Winter and David Lee Roth and the doobie brothers.  I dedicated my life to jazz but that’s all up hill . It’s a good way to go broke. I was and am just a fool for the music. I tried different things to start some kind of buisness related to music. To make money although that was in vain. I only know a few people that made it to the big time, all drummers, some played on Saturday night live, toured with tori Amos and even  that singer from Ireland that did nothing compares to you. Can’t spell her name right. She would shave her her bald. Last I knew one of the drummers I lived with ended up in Berlin Germany. Another was the second drummer for Pearl Jam. I knew these people from Texas when I was trying to attend north Texas state and bought my grand piano. Unfortunately I never enrolled. I attended the Berklee college in Boston mass when I was really young. After being in the army.
That’s my sob story. Your mileage may very. Maybe I should try to liquidate my old gear and replace it with new gear. LOL  GAS I like the theremin I just don’t think it would like me.take care 

Posted: 11/18/2022 10:23:33 AM

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I knew about the PRO I wasn’t planning on buying it. I can’t play the thing. It it came down between buying a synth and a theremin I would choose a synth.
Just think the theremin is interesting but really seems like it would be a pain. I don’t like instruments that don’t stay in tune very well.  It seems that would be 
The case with a theremin I know it’s the player and the calibration but even some of best sound pitchy to me. Take care

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