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Advanced Theremin Video Series From Peter Pringle

Peter Pringle has begun a new video series for advanced theremin playing.

In Part I, he first discusses the importance of positioning your monitor speaker correctly. Next, he covers how your theremin playing technique might be working against you. Peter goes on to demonstrate various techniques and how Leon Theremin's own style changed over the years.

As many of you know from watching his other videos, Peter is an extremely talented thereminist. He's shared several tips with the community over the years, but I'm excited to see them in condensed video form. Peter's approach to playing is scientific and no-nonsense, and I'm sure these will be a valuable resource to anyone serious about performing music on the theremin.

The videos are available on YouTube but are currently unlisted. Luckily, Peter has started a page on his website for the series, and you can already find Part II there.

Visit for more.