Theremin-like device, tone box?

Posted: 10/26/2009 12:27:01 AM

From: Australia

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Hi everyone, first post here, complete novice with electronics and instruments. Been trying to find a device vaguely similar to a theremin that plays a steady note, and has knobs to adjust frequency, pitch, and volume.
I dont even know what one would call this but I'm looking for a box like this that I could hook up to speakers, preferably without an amp between them.

heres hoping!
Posted: 10/26/2009 4:36:29 AM

From: Croxley Green, Hertfordshire, UK

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Hi niggles.
Posted: 10/26/2009 9:55:55 AM

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Music From Outer Space's Weird Sound Generator ( seems like it could be the ticket. It would be more fun than a signal generator. You can build them yourself or purchase kits or buy a complete one. I don't believe they have a volume knob but that is easily remedied. People have devices similar to this on ebay all the time.
Posted: 10/27/2009 4:27:24 AM

From: Australia

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Thanks for the help, yes this seems along the lines of what I want, something that can generate sound waves from low to high frequency with output plugs, I was looking at audio signal generators but they seem to be in the hundreds of dollars, and the weird sound generator looks like a lot of fun but a bit excessive for what I want (not to say i wont impulse buy it in the next hour) but if anyone knows of a simple product that meets my needs I would be a very happy person who still only has half an idea what he is talking about. :)
thanks everyone
Posted: 11/2/2009 2:39:11 AM

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Something like this might be what you need..

Function Generator $15 simple kit (

better, $21 (
Posted: 11/9/2009 10:02:07 PM

From: Australia

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Thanks that is almost exactly what i want. (I Think)
Im going to get one and then Ill find out!

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