Burns B3 Pro... best amp?

Posted: 4/27/2011 8:58:51 AM

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I have a Fender Electroacoustic amp and it has all sorts of reverb. It sounds good with my Wavefront :)
Posted: 4/27/2011 3:41:32 PM
Chainsaw Willie!

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QUOTE Angelbaby808:
"But turns out my guy has a Fender 65 reissue twin reverb amp that he got back in the early 90's. It needs to be repaired though. makes an awful crackling feedback sound. Getting that repaired is probably my best bet though being that I don't have a bunch of dough. Any feedback on this particular model or any idea what that terrible sound could be?"

Oh wow! you have just jumped from one extreme to the other! The Fender Twin is the absolute opposite of everything the MG10 is. The twin is one of the greatest guitar amplifiers ever made.

The only potential problems would be:
1. It is large and heavy.
2. It may be real easy to play awful dang loud.

The potential good things are endless.
The Twin is known for having a lot of power, possibly the best clean voice of any amp, two big ol' 12 inch speakers, Deep wet drippy reverb with a real long genuine reverb tank, this amp is a long recognized tone machine. Typical descriptions of its tone are words like "sparkle" or "shimmer". At 80 or 100 watts or so, and the open-back cabinet with a large amount of speaker cone area, this amp is very capable at filling a large auditorium with sound.

This is not a craigslist cheapie. This is a professional musicians tool. It is a monster killer.

If one were to play theremin into a guitar amp, this may be about the best model possible. Of course, though I am typing this I have to admit to having never plugged a theremin into a twin, but everything points to good. This should be a great (and stinkin' loud) amp.

Even if it were not to be used for theremin, it should be repaired. If it is not in use, it could at least be sold to come up with the funds for something you would use. A Fender Twin is a fairly valuable amp and should be able to generate $600 to $1000.

...and it is filled with GLOWING BOTTLES OF JOY.
6l6'S are great sounding power tubes!
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cha ching! :D
yeah, we looked em up online last night. They're going for like, $1500!? or something like that. and to think we've been using it as a nightstand for the past 4 years :( One night I got all inspired and plugged a microphone into it and nearly blew my eardrums out. Something wrong with it but will definitely get it repaired soon. Yeah, it's big and heavy. our place is small. my theremin playing will suck. I will plug my new theremin ( when it arrives on the the 1st) into that wee yamaha with my headphones etc... and probably be over it real fast. Thanks for the head up on the twin. We'll definitely fix it up and keep it. Keep ya posted on progress!
And thanks for all the feedback & input everyone.

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