Keppinger Temporary Cabinet

Posted: 10/16/2007 6:36:38 AM

From: Richmond Hill, Georgia

Joined: 9/18/2005

The temporary cabinet is coming along. I am using a plywood called sandeply
from Home Despot. Great stuff if you like splinters. I keeping reminding
myself "this is only temporary" until the permanent cabinet is ready
(probably 6 months).

I will post pix and an engineering drawing when I'm done in case anyone is
interested. Looks good except I messed up the upper shelf as its a good 3/8"
lower on one side-----lessons to be learned here:

1. Don't work outside on the back porch with Tiger mosquitoes swarming
around your head hungry for your blood.

2. Don't work outside when you are tired. Don't do precision work of any
kind when you are tired.

Anyway, it is TEMPORARY, so a couple extra holes filled with wood putty
won't kill me.

The final question is should I paint or stain this stuff?


Posted: 10/17/2007 7:31:24 AM

From: Massachusetts

Joined: 8/18/2007

For Sandeply paint would probably look better.

For some shop projects I made with Sandeply I just
put a couple coats of polyurethane over it.

(* jcl *)
Posted: 10/17/2007 10:11:31 AM

From: Fresno, California USA

Joined: 3/26/2006

Filling, sanding, and painting can cover up a multitude of irregularities. No one else need know about them, or will. I wonder if a theremin set to a high enough audio frequency would repel mosquitos? (There's a cute YouTube video of one being used to call cattle.)

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