" Clara Rockman's original theremin "

Posted: 6/25/2007 7:39:41 PM

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My friend Pete's grandmother was Clara Rockman,
and his grandaunt was Nadia Reisenberg, so Pete
has inherited the theremin as the family wanted it
to remain with family. Pete has: pictures, music, &
a lot of really neat stories, about his childhood and
family. When he was growing up in New York and
his family would gather, everyone would entertain
and be entertained all the night long.
Posted: 6/26/2007 9:15:19 AM
Jon B

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Clara Rock[b]more[/b] had no children, so your friend Pete is either highly deluded or a liar.
Posted: 6/26/2007 12:56:27 PM

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But Jon, the post is about the lesser known theremin virtuosa, Clara Rockman.

Born Hortence Klamdiddle, her friends suggested the "Clara Rockman" stage name. She started playing the theremin in December of 1960 and, by January, 1961 she had attained mastery of the instrument and went on tour.

Not only was her playing incredible, but her purple-streaked hair, nose ring, and tatoos gave her a unique stage presence (of course, such things are common today, but she was ahead of her time in the early 60's).

While some current day thereminists manage to perform with cigarettes in hand, Rockman managed to play with a cigar in her pitch hand and a bottle of brandy in her volume hand.

However, the claim that the family still owns her theremin is dubious. At her last known concert, witnesses report (yes, this is really true -- shun the non-believers! Shuuuunnn!) that she hit a note two (or perhaps three) cents flat and went crazy. She flew off into a screaming fit, and after running around the stage kicking equipment over, she poured brandy on her theremin and set it on fire while shouting "Theremin Flambe" at the top of her lungs.

Did Clara Rockman have any kids? Little is known about this.

After her distasterous concert, she dropped out of sight. While no one knows the the end of this tale, it is rumored that she renounced her ways, changed her name, and joined a convent.
Posted: 6/26/2007 5:30:02 PM
Charlie D

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No, she's a robot:
Posted: 6/26/2007 7:06:01 PM

From: Croxley Green, Hertfordshire, UK

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How can you even consider repeating these outrageous inaccuracies! A nun indeed. A fictional android!

While she did disappear for a while it is absolutely certain that she was the mystery figure behind the short lived but seminal psycho-gospel quintet [i]Old Men's Trousers[/i] in 1979.

I mean, come on - even the title of their album - [i]An Alarm Crock[/i] - it's a frickin' anagram, folks! What - you think it's a coincidence? Sheesh!
Posted: 6/26/2007 7:46:55 PM

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CondorG aren't you supposed to be hosting an international theremin festival or something?
good grief the globe's gone mad.

Posted: 6/26/2007 8:25:08 PM

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[i]GoHome[/i] - Perhaps Hands Off has an attendee whose identity I have been keeping a closely guarded secret. Perhaps "booter" is a shill. Who can tell in these confusing times?

(KingKisser, [i]distasterous[/i]? - very much like my cooking, then.)

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