Thank you John Hoge!!

Posted: 10/16/2007 6:15:08 AM

From: Hillsborough, NC (USA)

Joined: 2/13/2005

Folks, I'm sure you've noticed lately that John "omhoge" Hoge has been doing a ton of work on Theremin World. I want to say Thanks! to John for all his hard work and amazing dedication. His love of the theremin fuels his devotion to our community, and I think that without his help over the past year, Theremin World might just be dead in the water.

Many of you have known me for a long time, and you know I'm prone to being a workaholic :) Well, over the past year, that's become a massive understatement. I've taken on a new role at work that is much more demanding of my time, and I'm also filling in for some positions we haven't hired yet. On top of that, we've moved, I'm renovating a house, I have 2 kids, and 2 more on the way in Dec/January! I have very little time to maintain my sanity, let alone make progress on Theremin World.

So John has kindly stepped up to help work on the back end, moderate the forums, find new content, and offer creative advice for future features of the site. I'm so grateful to him for this that words will never do it justice.

Thanks John!!
Posted: 10/16/2007 6:42:01 AM

From: Bristol, United Kingdom

Joined: 12/30/2006

I like John Hoge, he's aaaaaalright.
Posted: 10/16/2007 7:24:03 AM

From: Croxley Green, Hertfordshire, UK

Joined: 10/5/2005

And congratulations to you and to Mrs B too on your forthcoming two to add to the existing two!

Ha! You think you're busy now.
Posted: 10/16/2007 9:33:44 AM

From: Kansas City, Mo.

Joined: 8/23/2005

Just want to add my thanks for the great work John is doing here on TW. Much appreciated!

Posted: 10/16/2007 10:47:05 AM

From: Kansas City MO USA

Joined: 11/26/2006

thumbs up on my end
Posted: 10/16/2007 12:47:33 PM

From: Kingston, NY

Joined: 2/13/2005

Wow thanks guys.
And a rare appearance by *himself* to boot!
Yeah something tells me he's gonna be a bit more distracted soon too.
Back at ya J.B., thanks for making TW and covering all the costs for us.

When I started with this editor/admin/developer stuff I honestly had no idea what I was getting into. I forgot how fragile this old technology is and it's been like opening a wall in a great old house to add a light and finding you have to re-wire the room. Just having the site up and running most of the time has been the biggest accomplishment and it's really nice to know it's appreciated. ThereminWorld was too important a
resource for our community to let it die away. There's still *a lot* more to do, but it's definitely better.

I didn't expect how much it would pull me away from participating in the forums. I've missed it and had so many Theremin adventures and discoveries this year I haven't had time to share. It's been great hearing what you all are up to and it's especially nice to see the older members stepping up to help the newer ones as well as keeping serious discussions going that enrich the long term reference value of ThereminWorld.

Keep on Thereminizing!
Posted: 10/16/2007 11:33:27 PM
Brian R

From: Somerville, MA

Joined: 10/7/2005

Oops-- slow to add my grateful voice to the chorus. John, all your efforts are greatly appreciated!
Posted: 10/17/2007 10:06:32 AM

From: Fresno, California USA

Joined: 3/26/2006

Same here.

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