Midsomer Murders

Posted: 6/4/2008 11:05:22 AM

From: UK

Joined: 4/15/2008

For a while, I've been on the lookout for the full "Midsomer Murders" theme on CD, rather than just the short segment you can hear on TV. The only one I could find on Amazon was in a boxed set called "Classical Chillout" ... however, when it arrived today I was decidedly disappointed, as the theremin part doesn't sound like a theremin at all to me, (although I could be wrong); it's more like keyboard/synth on some sort of theremin/musical saw setting. There's no info on the CD apart from saying it's performed by the Cannes Television Orchestra, which rather convinces me it's NOT the original version.
Has anyone heard this version? And do you know whether it's a theremin or not? If, as I suspect, it isn't ... does anyone know of a CD recording of the original TV theme.

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