sensible suggestion...

Posted: 3/18/2005 7:06:08 PM

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someone was over my house the other day and i showed him my theremin and he said :

'all these mediums say they can see these auras around us and this theremin proves that there is some kind of feild or weird presence around us'

makes sense....

what do you think?
Posted: 3/18/2005 7:24:44 PM

From: Los Angeles

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That is funny!
Posted: 3/18/2005 9:14:18 PM

From: Hillsborough, NC (USA)

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Bob Moog has said on many occasions that he believes there is an almost spiritual connection between the musician and the instrument... In particular with the theremin.

Not sure I believe that myself (being a science guy and less a spiritualist), but it's interesting to think about. One of the things I like most about the theremin is that the music truly flows through you as you play. You are the instrument!
Posted: 3/19/2005 12:04:51 AM

From: chicago illinois

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maybe the electronics are purely science but the music is very spiritual
Posted: 3/19/2005 6:41:43 AM

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maybe the music is spritual and the theremin just amplifies it to an audiable signal....
Posted: 3/19/2005 11:43:05 AM
Jay Marsh


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How about the theremin not only resembling an auric field but attracting ghosts with it's resounding sound?It could be the tuning fork that cuts through dimensions.A wave signature that the people on the otherside can resonate with.Wooooooooo
Posted: 3/19/2005 12:33:54 PM

From: Undisclosed location without Dick Cheney

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*sigh* The truly spiritual things of this world are far too precious to cheapen them by trying to claim the action of the Theremin is mystic. The theremin is an electronic device, its behavior is entirely in accordance with the laws of physics, it is fully predictable with sufficient understanding of the electronics involved. There's nothing mystic about that.

People do have "auras". People are physical objects and are living beings. We produce a certain level of electromagnetic charge as part of our biological processes. (Some more than others. My grandmother could make a watch stop just by putting it on.) This is also normal and is fully in accordance with known facts about biochemistry, and there's nothing mystic about it.

You might be able to convince me that amazing mystic events occur in relation to the Theremin, but its actual function isn't paranormal at all and is entirely understandable by modern science.
Posted: 3/19/2005 5:43:19 PM

From: chicago illinois

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Posted: 3/20/2005 5:04:44 AM
Charlie D

From: England

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Hmmm. This reminds me of that (truly awful) Enid Blyton series 'the secret seven'.

In one book the heroes heard a mysterious ghost sound in a field and saw the apparition of a ghost. It later turned out that the 'apparition' was merely a violinist practicing in the middle of the night whilst hanging out their washing to dry. So beliveable (!)

Posted: 3/20/2005 12:21:58 PM

From: Jax, FL

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I have a friend who went to two different "Aura Photographers" or whatever you call them. They take a picture of you and it supposedly shows your aura.

He and his wife both went and their auras were totally different each time.

In on epicture, his is red and that means somehting or other and in th eother is is bright blue, which means something toally different.

I think if there is any kind of aura or essence around us it will not be dragged out by photos or by radio frequencies.

Just my two cents...

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