IEEE online musem features theremin "exhibit"

Posted: 4/7/2005 1:04:50 PM

From: COWafornia

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Well I wouldn't call one paragraph "featuring" - but it is a good overview of electronic moosic. There is a good place to talk about the theremin at the end where it says "One of the major shortcomming of electronic instruments remains the key board, which does not allow smooth, continues transitions between notes..." this would have been a perfect place to talk about the revival of the theremin.

The links on the side of the first page do help "our cause" for example the link to Leon Theremin links to a page which includes the phrase ... the Theremin, which retains an avid following". Clicking on "more" in the technology section allows you to click on a link to a good Theremin page.

Thanks for the link
Posted: 4/9/2005 2:32:48 PM
Charlie D

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The video and audio are slightly out-of-synch on the theremin video, so the piano seems to keep playing when the pianist has closed the lid.

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