August Theremin Contest Winner Announced

Posted: 8/16/2005 5:59:53 AM
RS Theremin

From: 60 mi. N of San Diego CA

Joined: 2/15/2005


Your rendition of O Canada left me spellbound. I had to add it to my Illusion webpage. You gave me a new respect for the EtherWave Standard.

I mentioned to you in an earlier email:

“The theremin wants to be unleashed like the genie in the bottle and she keeps tapping into the consciousness of unsuspecting candidates”

Without any doubt you will be one of the greats!

Posted: 8/16/2005 10:12:17 AM
Charlie D

From: England

Joined: 2/28/2005

Thank you Christopher! I am thrilled to have won. I will proudly display whatever schwag Jason is kind enough to send me.

I don't yet see how the Etherwave could have a better playability. I expect I'm in for a surprise when I get an Etherwave Pro. When I can afford one.
Posted: 8/16/2005 12:00:46 PM

From: Liverpool, United Kingdom

Joined: 7/20/2005

Well done Charlie, your version really is played well. Looking forward to the next one already :)

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