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Posted: 4/18/2012 1:02:25 PM

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ggj1977 said: I really thought that seeing the waves in a graphic representation of what you can hear was a way to get my answers...  For me, theremins don't have to sound always the same...

You are absolutely correct in your thinking.  I like your openness in that you mention what software you used for scope and video recording. Your work is excellent. Transistors and tubes have different characteristics and it is stupid that someone compared the voices, like mine is bigger than yours. Every theremin should sound different as that is part of the uniqueness of the instrument.  I believe there is a campaign, due to self interest, which is leading with misdirection in the world of theremin.


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Well put --- I agree

In His Service --- Dana

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I've perhaps been misunderstood. My point was that the effect of the theremin's voice is (in my eyes) overestimated because a sophisticated playing technique has much more impact onto the auditive impression of the listener than any waveforms and harmonics.

That's why I cited the example of Clara Rockmore's theremin which sounds very bad when played with incompetent hands while a little toy theremin can sound great when played with a professional technique.

A nice and pleasant voice of the instrument (as I described) is just the cherry on top of the cake. 

When Itshak Perlman played on a cheap chinese $50 violin, his playing would still be extraordinary, while my modest violin play would not be better if I took a Stradivarius in my hands...

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Thierry said: “I've perhaps been misunderstood.”

If that is all it is then I apologize!

I know a lot must get lost in translation as well as humor expressed in text.

Not everyone has your wisdom gained from practical design and nicotine stained fingers.

We are losing too many people in the world of theremin and must prevent the future newbie’s, especially in the “Construction Forum”, from disappearing. You should dish out more encouragement and avoid the negative like smacking builders in the back of the head. You made your gadget and so let them try a hand at theirs.

Threads like this one were common in the past, on going and refreshing.


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