theremin amps!

Posted: 2/28/2016 8:25:06 PM

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""I can recommend (since I own one for a long time) the Behringer K450-FX. It's a 40W amp with a 10" speaker and some digital effects (Reverb etc.) built in. It is not expensive (about €150 here) and the most important: It's THE amplifier on which I did the whole bass module developing and testing. And yes, with this amp and the ESPE01 module, you may remove the plaster from the ceiling... :-)" You still using the Behringer K450-FX? I noticed it's a PA/Keyboard amp and is top rated... Just wondering if you still like it.  I've been offered a Crate FXT30 Guitar Amp w/ DSP for $30.00... It's older but never been used more than a few times. However, it's a guitar amp and thinking a PA/Keyboard amp like the K450-FX is the better way to go... For $30 I might grab it for the time being... However, figure my sons are 8 and 10 so they will probably want a rock band eventually anyhow... ha ha.    I have a Steinbert UR22mkII and M-Audio BX5a's on my iMac... So, I do have some decent monitors but when jamming it's not ideal... I'd rather have something to jam with. Plus I will be getting an Etherwave (or holding out for that secret project) by yearend and would like something that is good for both the theremini and an etherwave."

I had a $50 Xfinity Credit card that had to be used so I grabbed a Behringer K450-FX today... I really liked the sound of it at Guitar Center (yes, took my theremini with me)... So, $150.00 not bad for this PA/Keyboard amp!!! Now to play with the settings. :)

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hello,  I received my behringer k450  today and I'm already very pleased with the sound I'm getting .  as there are many settings that can be done I was wondering what settings people are using?

Posted: 9/30/2020 5:22:50 PM

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I'm sure that a tube amplifier will sound better with the Jensen chassis. There are lots of schematics on the Internet which use a pair of EL34 tubes in an AB push-pull configuration (or their American equivalents) and readily available input, output, and power supply transformers from Hammond. I would insist on the use of tube rectifiers in the power supply section, too. These increase the inner resistance of the power supply and they have a less sharp cut-off than semiconductor diode rectifiers, both factors will greatly contribute to a good and warm sound. Next time I stumble across such a schematic, I'll
post a link here. If you find some, don't hesitate to post them here, too, for a critical review.

An attempt to revive this old post, since I'm currently on the search of a valve amp to connect with a passive 12" Jensen.

I found this amp that seems to have the specs detailed by my dear friend Thierry. Do you think it seems like a good option?


Posted: 10/17/2020 7:04:48 PM

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Hello, I have the Behringer KT108 ultratone, is it normal for it to quitely buzz, when it is not used?

Posted: 10/17/2020 7:57:46 PM

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As long as no instrument is connected, the audio input will see infinite impedance and pick hum and noise from the air. That‘s normal.

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On the higher end of things, in my experience Acoustic Image amps are great for anything as they really do reproduce an instruments true sound.

They are compact and have a great repair policy.

Definitely a Pro setup and not inexpensive.

They're present offerings are two piece, but you can find head/speaker combos on the used market.

No affiliation here, except that I've happily used them for many years.

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For my theremins, I really like what they call "acoustic guitar amplifiers." They are compact, but they really seem to sound good. 

Currently, I'm using a BOSS Acoustic Singer Live. Not only is the tone great, but it has some onboard effects that work really nicely with the sound of my theremins. I especially like the onboard looper, which can be activated with a foot pedal. Live looping on theremin is a great way to practice, too. 

Another amp I've had was a Marshall AS50D, which also sounded really good compared to "keyboard" amplifiers. The spring reverb and chorus are great on that amp, and it's easy to find used for under $150.

Because I mostly play over synth tracks that I make, I usually plug my theremin into my rack, which goes through a mixer, eq, and then an Alesis power amp to my studio monitors (passives). Because I have stereo processing in this setup, I can mess with the theremin track either by doubling it through both channels, or by panning in various ways. 

Having some pedals with your setup is also a nice way to go...especially having a mute pedal, so that you don't get weird sound artifacts as you turn around to adjust stuff!


Posted: 1/18/2021 6:00:45 PM

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The last suggestions on this post were a good 4 years ago now; do we have any recommendations for an amp based on what's available today?

Thoughts about current amps for use indoors/home that won't break the bank would be welcome .


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I use one of the Roland KC series of amps that I bought a few years ago for playing duets with acoustic guitar and keyboard. It’s a bit overkill for home practice, though since it has a headphone out I can still play it without bothering my neighbors and I think it sounds quite nice. Since my wife plays guitar and sometimes will deign to accompany my theremin experiments it’s nice to have multiple inputs as well. They’re pretty expensive new, but there’s a good used market.

Posted: 1/21/2021 5:23:47 PM

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I’m a theremin newbie and am (impatiently) waiting for Moog to ship the new Claravox Centennial. I’ve been attending the terrific weekly theremin Zoom workshops with Lydia Kavina. I’m now taking lessons with her too. A couple of weeks ago, I asked what amp she uses (at home); she uses a TC-Helicon Voicesolo FX150. 

That amp seems to be out of stock everywhere so I just bought the next model up - TC-Helicon SingThing. While the amp has features optimized for vocalists (trust me, I’m NOT a vocalist! LOL), it’s a LOT of fun to play with and seems to sound good on my Burns B3. I’m very eager to hear how it sounds when I get my Claravox. 

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