RCA Theremin in NYC

Posted: 10/19/2012 9:50:36 PM

From: In between the Pitch and Volume hand ~ New England

Joined: 12/17/2010

Why the Yikes? Did you even listened to one in a live situation? It's a fantastic Theremin, hand built for YOU with the specs you want, not mass produced. Dominic is a real gentleman, and always answers questions and pays attention to detail. For what I paid for my theremin, it is totally worth it. I am truly thrilled by it's sound, linearity, portability and built.


So Chobbs, how much would you pay for one?

Posted: 10/20/2012 1:12:42 AM

From: Brooklyn,NY

Joined: 12/1/2009

Hey Amy, youre right.  Ive never seen, played, or heard one in person, only on the net.   I can totally appreciate all the time and effort that goes into each hand-made instrument.    I deleted my last post as to not seem so snarky. It was mostly a reaction to the realization that I charge far too far too little for the stuff I make.


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