Valves (or tubes if you prefer) for RCA

Posted: 9/7/2013 9:48:05 PM

From: London, UK

Joined: 6/5/2007

Hello all, been a while since I've been on here.

Having a bit of a clear out and seem to have acquired a fairly large collection of the valves used in RCA Theremins. 

So just really seeing if anyone on here is interested in them before they either go back into storage or some other place.

Regards to all

Posted: 9/9/2013 5:43:03 PM

From: Colmar, France

Joined: 12/31/2007

Hmmmm... Is there a list of your tubes/valves (types and available quantities) and prices?

thanks in advance for more details!

Posted: 9/9/2013 7:52:57 PM

From: London, UK

Joined: 6/5/2007

Hello Thierry


All of the types used in an RCA are there, I'll send you a PM.

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