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fred, i simply can't stay away. but i know it's dangerous. this might lead right into some ok corall situation.... and  as i started to read the singularity the first sentence..such statements drive me crazy. what's  "cool" about that? only because it's possible? these people should get a proper job or they go: hooray, roomba is now driven by a even more efficient hamster! and that's not funny. just cruel.

touchless: yeah he's somewhere over the rainbow too..but a different dialect, maybe for your guncracked ears anything  foreign sounds like wurstsalat. hey it's thereminworld. and i allready pardoned my articulations, as many others did. 

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I completely agree.. but "such statements drive me crazy." is probably the first error - we are crazy! the whole f*ing lot of us! NO exceptions! - as for " what's  "cool" about that?"" .. Perhaps theres deep dark hidden reasons why its "cool" -

What follows was for some reason triggered in a bout of spontaneous writing - I am almost embarrassed by it, but the part of me which wants to delete it before posting it is being overpowered by some other part. And yes - its utterly OT: this header was written after I wrote what follows, and I do not live by what follows, if I did I think I would be a very different presence - so please, its just talk.. and probably bull at that!

Do we really want to be here? is the "real" "us" actually one - one that played a game with its lonely frustrated immense infinite "self" a "one" who split "itself into" time-space "explorers" as it went insane.. A one who wanted to find some other "ones" it could have communion with, but being of unknown "substance" and "non-physical" had no means even to postulate how to do this..

So, split into illusory "entities" (of no more substance than the one) and sharing all common knowledge as the one (but the "individuals" being almost exclusively unaware of this "database")  "we" set about creating ever more complex hypotheses which "manifested" in "reality" with the serious purposes of explaining "our" existence, of seeking any "others" and perhaps the "less serious" purpose of "experiencing" / enjoying the fruits of our delusions.

Except that perhaps "we" went too far and got lost, and what remained "of" the one continued to fragment and go nuts, warring with "itself" and filling the "database" with "corruption"... "We" may be several "layers" - unknown "depth" into "follow-on" fragmentation - I wonder if when we create AI/VR and enter into that, whether "we" may just be doing again what we have done before - Deeper and deeper, more and more lost, further and further from the one.

If the above isn't total bullshit, could it be that we feel "our self" getting closer to another such "junction" - perhaps enough "connection" remains with "the one" that "we" (or some of "us") catch a glimpse of the fact that "we've been here before"

And actually, for "those" who feel this, its horror. All "we" want is for it to end, for this "dispersal" to cease.

I worked with a lovely musician some (many) years ago - recorded two of her albums in my home studio and added a little synth to her astounding acoustic guitar and vocals - the albums were only sold at festivals, mostly ones held at sacred pagan sites in the UK. One song she did, the first time I heard it, made my skin crawl and my hair stand on edge and overwhelmed me emotionally - I couldn't see the mixing desk ;-) .. It was called "Healing the devil" - I dont believe either of us understood the words back then, but I "understand" them now- the devil, and god, and angels and demons and "bad people" and saints and everything, the song was saying, needs to be healed - "we" are all one, the one - if any part of "us" is sick or in distress, "we" are all sick and in distress, and the one is sick and in distress.

And we cannot reunite until at least substantial healing has occurred to the one, and we cannot reunite until the reasons why "we" dissipated in the first place have been resolved - And a big part of this resolution may be down to us - how "we" resolve our lives feeding back to the one and being weighed in the balances. Perhaps this is why suicide is a discouraged easy option, because perhaps its not an option available to the one.

But perhaps everything I have written above is utter crap and we are merely animated physical star dust.



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fred, i don't think it's complete bs, what you wrote or how you think. asfasics.i consider myself as a spiritual being, bound by whatever kind of laws, to approach on this physical plan. but this would lead to so much filosophie..fortunately, they had a good library in that real nice clinic near basel, based on impulses by the antroposphic "thing". very very interesting views to many different aspects of natural entities. (they made incredible experiments post ww1 in germany.) one of a sentence i got hooked on is, that the laboratory-table should become something like an altar. early 20th century. so back to now and these ai apocalypses.... some people seem to be completely missleaded, by whatever kind of forces, or secret societies,etc..and not for stupidly said, the greater good. hey, but for sure we are here to get goosepimpels by true music.. and all other kind of oscillations.  but who am i and if yes, how many again?


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If you have received a private message from Lois he/she may be mining for personal information...

Just a heads-up!


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I propose to connect to the Matrix.





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