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Pertaining to the DIY Antennas:

I am not understanding how these DIY antennas actually work. the opposite side of the antenna is not connected to ground so how would any substantial current flow through it to create a hand capacitance?

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Oh, oh! Apparently (as on can also see in the R23/R24 discussion) you have absolutely no understanding of the principle of operation of a theremin in general :-(

As you should have learned in your 9th school year, RF does not need a conductor or a "closed circuit" to flow. That's why you can receive radio, tv, and use your cell phone over the air. Each RF wave has two components: a magnetic field component (the famous H vector) and an electric field component (the famous E vector). The E-component makes that moving electrons on one plate force electrons in the other plate to move, without electrons moving between the plates. You might have a look on this wikipedia article

When using the capacitive effect, the so called "antenna" of the theremin does not act as an antenna, since it does neither transmit nor receive, but it acts as a simple capacitor plate. The other capacitor plate (to complete the virtual capacitor) is the player's hand which is virtually grounded through your body standing on the floor through the resistive-capacitive body-model, or any other grounded element within the pitch field. 

Here is an article explaining the relationship between electrical capacitance/resistance and physiological aspects of the human body.

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I actually understood my mistake of posting this right after I posted it. But thanks for replying!

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