Best rated schematics?

Posted: 11/27/2015 3:37:41 AM

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Since the schematics I was going off of are useless (Strange Apparatus: How to Build a Theremin), does anyone have a recommendation for schematics they know have been very successful? I just want to construct a modern style theremin with both volume and pitch control. I don't want the classic vacuum tube style, but like the moog etherwave, if that makes anything clearer. Thanks for any help you can give laughing 

Posted: 11/27/2015 5:05:30 AM

From: 60 Miles North of San Diego, CA

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Hello Kathy,

I like your enthusiasm, there are two or three people here at TW that can give realistic opinions about theremin building, you have heard from them all.

If you are in So. Calif I would buy you this board below and help you with design.

I spent over $10,000 and many years to conclude starting with a finished EtherWave PCB by Moog is the best approach.

Schematic is here.

From here modifications can be made to personalize the design.

Theremin design and building is not as simple as many engineers might think. I have seen engineers spend years never moving beyond the practical design of the oscillator and antenna relationship.


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